Monday, May 9, 2011

Alaina's Quilt

I finished Alaina the Intern's quilt Thursday, washed it Friday, and wrapped it up in time to bring it to her graduation party on Saturday. I always work best under pressure! I think I mentioned that I received a gorgeous pack of animal print fabric from a colleague as a thank you for speaking to her fundraising class. Alaina had taken her class a previous semester so she tagged a long to give her input. Alaina loved the fabric so I immediately decided to make her a quilt with it. It was the perfect set up.

Unfortunately, I'm still without camera which means I only had my phone to take these photos. I had hoped for a sunny day for natural lighting but the rain prevented it. Please excuse the blurry, out of focus photos. I will regret not having a good photo of this quilt.

I machine stitched the binding for this quilt - a new technique for me. I had viewed a couple of tutorials and I think it turned out really well. At least the blurry photo will convince you of the same.

Jay McCarroll fabric! I love loved Jay in Project Runway so I bought a few cuts of his fabric when it was on the discount shelf of Shiisa Quilts. I haven't had a project to use his Garden Friends in Rust fabric until now.

My dryer hasn't been working very well lately (camera, dryer, see a pattern here?) so I washed and dried it at the local laundromat. I loved watching it spin!

I made Alaina open her present before I left her party. I wanted to see her reaction. She knew I was making the quilt but had no idea what it was going to look like. She loved it and insisted we show it off to everyone else who was there.

I forgot to mention that the pattern is Gumdrops from Blue Underground Studios. I wanted the blocks a bit bigger than what's called for so I cut 3 inch strips instead of 2.5 inch.


Janet Mease said...

Thanks for the mention, Natalie!!

Christy said...

I think it turned out awesome! And I'm impressed by your binding. It looks like the seams are super straight. Go you! I have been not quilting (I've been on an obsessive reading binge - Hunger Games), but I bought fabric for the backing and binding of the layer cake quilt top that I put together at the last quilt camp. I've gotta get going again!