Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sticks and Twigs

I was very excited to learn that my friend Jessica was expecting her third child. I love making baby quilts for Jessica because her enthusiasm for my hobby is so motivating. She loves everything I do and she so, so appreciates receiving quilts as gifts.

Jessica sent me a photo of the bedding she was going to buy for her baby girl. It's very Earthy!

I decided I wanted to do something inspired the twigs that caught my eye. I originally though pink blocks with brown twigs. But I I didn't want to be too literal so I chose switched to brown blocks with pink twigs.

This quilt went together pretty fast. Which was a good thing because Jessica also commissioned me for a t-shirt quilt. So I had to projects and not much of time.  Luckily I was at a quilt retreat in November to give me time to finish both.

I'm not a fan of low volume quilts but I do love how this one turned out.


Chris White said...

That was a thoughtful and beautiful adorable gift.I am sure your friend Jessica must have been more than happy while receiving it.You are really good at your work.I love your collections.
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