Monday, June 29, 2015

Family Jewels

I always enjoy working on quilt projects WITH family members FOR family members. Over the winter, my mom and I made a wedding quilt for my cousin, Steve, and his bride-to-be, Ellen. They requested green and jewel tones. We decided on this pattern from Pinterest. (We didn't have the actual pattern but it was pretty easy to replicate.)

It took some digging to come up with jewel tone scraps as it's been many years since I've done a quilt in those colors. We worked on putting it together during a quilt retreat weekend. When one person does the sewing and the other person does the cutting and ironing, things sure do go fast.

We layered the quilt when my mom was visiting me for the weekend and then I did the actual quilting at another quilt retreat weekend. (I get so much done during "quilt camp".)

The back was teech too short but luckily we had leftover blocks. I love the look of pieced backs.

The wedding was in April, held at a windmill museum and my youngest was the ring bearer. Here are some family photos from the event.