Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Triple Rail Fence

Another baby quilt! I've done several this year but I think this is the last one for a while. Of course, I always think that but I'm always wrong. Which is just fine with me because I LOVE making baby quilts!

This quilt is for my dear, dear friends from Lafayette. They are having baby #2, a little brother for Reed. For Reed's quilt, they asked for something in brights which I did but I wasn't sold on the random star pattern I chose. So for this quilt, I went with a contemporary twist on a class pattern. Enter the triple rail fence....

The quilt I made in the requested aquas, oranges, and grays was inspired by a few pinned items from Pinterest:
By Red Papper Quilts, taken from Flickr
Pattern can by purchased from her Etsy shop

By Liz Taylor of LizTaylorHandmade

I needed this to be scrappy and I thought I had plenty of orange, aqua, and gray scraps. But my gray scraps were mostly solids, I didn't have nearly as much aqua as I thought, and my orange scraps were mostly used up making a log cabin quilt for the 2014 Covered in Threads Challenge. (More on that at a later date.) This meant I was forced to buy fabric. Poor me! :)

I needed variety of fabric to achieve the scrappy look and of course I ended up with too much fabric. Which isn't normally a problem except that I cut all that fabric in to two inch strips. Doh! I wasn't sure what to do with all the leftover strips. (I only used about half of the cut strips for my front.) The situation got me thinking... how could I use the leftover strips on the back? Hmmmm....

I love how the back turned out (almost has much as I love the front!). It's pretty kick ass...

If I do say so myself.

The Polack has been challenging me to make a two sided quilt and with this quilt, I can check that project off the list. (Bonus!)

Now we just need to find some time to get this quilt to it's intended. They are due any day now!