Monday, October 17, 2011

Ryleigh's Quilt

I'm waa-aay behind on my flowers. I have two ready to photograph but haven't made it outside to take the photos. I also need to finish my flower from last week and start this week. It's been a busy fall! I have managed to work on some quilts though. My latest has been finished for several weeks and I'm finally getting around to mailing it to the recipient. This is going to baby Ryleigh, the daughter of some friends.

Here was the inspiration for the quilt. This is part of the bedding in Ryleigh's room.

I'm not sure why I used 4.5 inch squares. They were so small! I kept making squares, and making squares and sewing and sewing. Then I'd lay out the quilt and it was teeny tiny. But I loved working with the colors so I kepts at it.

It was windy when I took photos of the quilt.

A close-up... I quilted flowers in the quilt, a free motion pattern I love but don't get to use very much.

Here is my third attempt at machine binding. It's not perfect but I'm getting better!

I'm mailing the quilt today and I know it will be well loved.

I'm finishing another baby quilt that I've been working on since I finished Ryleigh's project. It will be given to the recipient at a baby shower on Sunday and all that's left to do is the binding so I should be able to finish it. I'll post photos next week.


Mabel LaFon said...

This is so beautiful! Tiny squares...scary to

Christy said...

This turned out so gorgeous! I love it so much.

carmen said...

I just looked back to see what you've been working on and saw this post. We love, love, LOVE the quilt! I know it will be something that Ryleigh will cherish for years to come. :-)
Thank you again, so much!

Ryleigh said...

Did you make the sheets? If not where did you get them?

Natalie said...

No, I only made the quilt. The sheets were purchased and were the inspiration for the quilt.