Monday, December 27, 2010


I haven't been able to do much quilting lately. Obviously, right? But I've been thinking about quilting, and deciding on future projects, and reading quilting blogs. A few months ago, I bookmarked a few blogs that featured hexagons. Apparently hexagons are really big in the quilt blogging world. Who knew? Anyway, I'm generally opposed to hand sewing anything. Too much time! Too much work! But my lack of quilting time has made me improvise. The holiday season is spent driving to other places to visit with other people. Time in the car with nothing to do. Nothing to do but try some hand sewing. So I reviewed several hexi blogs until I felt armed with enough knowledge to make my own hexagons.

Turns out - I love making hexagons! Who knew? Not me - definitely not me. I've been a hexagon making fool for the past three days.

I did have an oh, shit moment when I panicked about not being able to actually sew the darn things together. So I tried a few. Presto!

I'm planning to make a grandmother's flower garden quilt. Or pot holder. I haven't decided yet.