Monday, September 30, 2013


The 2013 Covered in Threads Quilt Guild Challenge was to make a quilt project with polka dot fabric. When this was decided earlier this year, I was very excited because I already had some polka dot fabric that I was ready to cut in to. I decided on a literal translation of polka dot quilt but using my polka dot fabric to make a larger polka dot design. I played around with a few different layout options:

When I finally had the layout I wanted, I used appliqued the circles on to the quilt. I thought that would be the hard part (I don't particularly like applique!) To continue the polka dot theme, I decided to quilt it using a pebble style quilting. THAT was the hard part. I LOVE the look of pebble quilting but it. took. for. ever.

Here's a shot of the quilt in progress; you can see the quilting I've started in the middle.

It was hours and hours of sewing but I love, love, love how it turned out. 

I am DEFINITELY keeping this quilt for myself. It's currently hanging in my sewing room.

The title of the quilt is very appropriate and it's also an homage to my Polish family.

UPDATED: You guys, I just added this to my list of completed quilt projects and it's the 100th quilt I've finished. YAY ME!!