Saturday, November 28, 2015

My Country Tis of Thee Quilt

We have finished another baby quilt. This one is for my cousin, Miles, and his wife, Shannon. They were married a few years ago and so appreciated their wedding quilt that were exciting to make them another one.

 Miles is in the US Army and they are stationed at Fort Riley. The couple requested red, white and blue. My mom and I worked on this quilt together and we immediately knew we wanted to do something with stars. We settled on this patter that we saw on Pinterest:

We tend to gravitate toward wonky blocks. We identified the color swatch we wanted to use and went through our stashes.

We weren't sure if we want to keep each block the same color or alternate the color of the center square.

 I'm happy we chose to alternate.

 Here is a not so great of the finished quilt.

 Here's a better picture of the happy couple at their baby shower.

And here is baby the beautiful baby.