Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stacking Blocks

I've had some quilt finishes lately but haven't had the time to get them posted. Since I'm hosting a quilting getaway this weekend, I thought I better get my finished quilts officially out there so that I can hopefully post one or two more after the weekend!
This quilt is one of my favorites. My mother-in-law, Bobbie, and I needed to do a baby quilt for a family member. The recipient asked that we incorporate the color of the nursery walls. It was a fairly specific green. Since we didn't have much to go on in terms of requests so we decided to try this pattern, which I saw on Pinterest.
I have to say, I got the easy part of this project. Bobbie made the blocks and put them together so she had to figure out the measurements. I just quilted it. It turned out great and I hope to make one for myself some day.



Christy said...

I love this one so, so much! And the binding totally rocks.

Susan Provenzale-Todd said...

I'm glad I didn't have to quilt it! You did a wonderful job!