Saturday, December 5, 2015

Snowman Memory Quilt

A friend asked me to make her a memory quilt for her mother-in-law who lost HER mother to cancer. The family has been participating in cancer walks in honor of the deceased for the past 12 years and my friend has saved all of her shirts. She wanted them used in the quilt. I really do love making t-shirt quilts.

The cancer walk shirts were so created. I loved reading the slogans for each year. The family did a great job picking out colors - so much so that I was able to put everything in order by year from 2004 to 2015.

My friend picked the sashing of snowmen fabric in honor of the recipient.

Sticks and Twigs

I was very excited to learn that my friend Jessica was expecting her third child. I love making baby quilts for Jessica because her enthusiasm for my hobby is so motivating. She loves everything I do and she so, so appreciates receiving quilts as gifts.

Jessica sent me a photo of the bedding she was going to buy for her baby girl. It's very Earthy!

I decided I wanted to do something inspired the twigs that caught my eye. I originally though pink blocks with brown twigs. But I I didn't want to be too literal so I chose switched to brown blocks with pink twigs.

This quilt went together pretty fast. Which was a good thing because Jessica also commissioned me for a t-shirt quilt. So I had to projects and not much of time.  Luckily I was at a quilt retreat in November to give me time to finish both.

I'm not a fan of low volume quilts but I do love how this one turned out.