Monday, July 25, 2011

Unsolved Mystery

We're all moved in to the new house. Finally! This means I have my own sewing room. No more pulling everything out of the closet and putting it back after a few hours. Yay! While my mom I were organizing the room, I found a few quilts that were almost finished, including this one.

This was a Mystery Quilt that I participated in when I was at Camp Tecumseh Quilt Camp in October. I finished the top then, I quilted it at camp in January, and my mom helped me finish the binding this weekend. The original pattern had another row of mountains around the border. I didn't like it as much as I left off the mountains (and made those into another quilt.)

Here's a picture of mom holding the quilt. Hi Momma! My yard is a big dirt pile right now and I didn't have anything pretty outside to display the quilt for a photo. So I just used the front porch which unfortunately makes the photos look darker than they should be. At least you can see mom mom's smiling face.


Karen said...

A wonderful quilt and I think Mom would like to take it home!