Thursday, July 17, 2014

Diabetes T-Shirt Quilt

Well look-ie there, it's another t-shirt. This was a commission project that I made for someone who had collected t-shirts from several diabetes awareness events.

I met with the owner when she handed off the t-shirts to me and I asked for her thoughts on what she wanted. She shared this photo of another quilt that she saw on Pinterest and she asked for something similar with blues, using the front and back of the shirts.


I have to say, I LOVED making this t-shirt quilt. I started by cutting down the shirts and then measuring the graphic of each shirt.

Then I drew a diagram to figure out where everything would go.

It was a challenge to keep the front and backs of the t-shirt together while factoring in the colors of each shirt. Most of the shirts were gray and white so I wanted to spread out the colors. Cutting the shirts was nerve racking. I would double and triple check the measurements before cutting them. I was paranoid about cutting one too small and throwing off my whole diagram.

I loved putting together the blocks.

And here is the finished project. I was able to utilize all the shirts and make them fit. I'm so pleased with the outcome.