Friday, June 20, 2014

Emily's T-Shirts

Tenacity wasn't the only person to receive a quilt for her high school graduation. My husband's cousins daughter - Emily - also graduated this year. Her mom had been sneaking t-shirts away from her over the years and asked my mother-in-law and I to put them together in to a quilt for Emily. Bobbie and I jumped at the chance. Emily is such a beautiful, strong, kind, and funny person; we were honored to make her a t-shirt quilt.

We started the project this winter, during a quilting retreat at my house. Bobbie put together most of the top and I finished the top, did the backing, and quilted it. Bobbie then did the binding.

Here is the finished project.

The back was particularly special because it featured a t-shirt that Emily and her grandfather (Bobbie's brother) designed for a fishing tournament they were in. (Uncle Tom passed away a few years ago and we all miss him. We especially miss seeing him and Emily together. They had a special bond.)

This t-shirt makes me laugh so I had to include a special photo!

We traveled to Hazel Park, Michigan this weekend to attend Emily's graduation. Bobbie and I were excited to give her the quilt. She LOVED it. It make her cry which of course made us cry. Her mom was thrilled and insisted on hanging it up to display it during the party.

Emily is headed to Michigan State this fall where I am confident she will have a successful four years of college as a Spartan.