Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Week 25

It's One Flower Wednesday time! This picture was taken at the local Kroger. They had so many pretty flowers sitting out in front, I was inspired to pull out my flower and phone to take a picture. The Polack was with me and I thought maybe he'd scurt away so as to no be embarrased. But he stayed with me as I took a few shots. He always enjoys seeing the finished flowers and I think he likes the idea of the flower in the flowers photo shoot.

I love black with color fabrics. I only have a few fat quarters so I don't really do anything with them. I also love teal, though I've never really made a teal quilt. I'll add those two ideas to the wish list.

This is the last post in June which means I'm half-way through the year of flowers.


Karen said...

Another one missed! Fabulous!!!!