Friday, February 10, 2012

Solid Challenge

The ladies that I quilt with have decided our 2012 quilting challenge will be to create an all solid quilt. The quilt can be any size, any pattern, and shape. The only requirement is that it must be made entirely of solid fabric.

I started my quilt yesterday. Look at these lovely fat quarters!

The bundle was so pretty, I didn't want to cut in to them. Even the schnibble pile is gorgeous.

I love watching the ribbon effect during chain piecing.

I am so inspired by this quilt that I wish I could spend the weekend finishing it but we have lots of plans with friends plus activities to run the boys to and fro. And I'm pretty sure I haven't done laundry or grocery shopping in a few weeks.

I also need to finish up a commission quilt that I started a few weeks ago. I don't like the fabric I purchased for the border so I'm going to do some shopping for it this weekend. I keep telling myself that I need to finish the commission quilt before I work on the solid quilt but oh boy, do I really, really want to keep going on the solid quilt.


Christy said...

Oh, I'm loving this so far. The colors are gorgeous. And the top photo with your color-organized stash in the back ... awesome.

Natalie clark said...

Saw your mother-in-law's finished projoect loved how it turned out :). What a fun challenge!