Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cooper's Troopers

I can't imagine the pain a parent experiences when losing a child at a young age. Friends of ours recently went through this horrendous experience when they lost their 6 year old son to Mitochrondira disease. Little Cooper will be remembered by many. When Kara approached me about making a quilt from his t-shirts, I immediately agreed. I was honored to help create a lasting legacy in honor of Cooper.

Kara provided my a tub of shirts and clothing. Here's the pile of t-shirts I started with.

I have a strange way of designing my t-shirt quilts. I measure them and then I randomly draw out a design. It's like a puzzle, trying to get everything to piece together - without doing a Y-seam. ONce it's designed, I cut the shirt to the correct size.

When I complete a t-shirt quilt, I always pick out my favorite shirt. Although it's always tough, this one immediately stood out. Cooper loved Star Wars.

This was another favorite. (Until I had to quilt through that iron on image. That was PAIN!)

It's important to pin often before quilting a t-shirt quilt.

Here's the finished project. It's not easy to see in this photo but Kara had provided some non t-shirt clothing like pajama bottoms, athletic shorts, and oxford shirts. I used those pieces in the border.

And I used his favorite bed sheet on the back.

Kara really want to pay me for this quilt but I had another idea. I asked if instead we could exchange services. She's a wonderful photographer and agreed to take our family photos. It was the perfect trade: