Thursday, July 28, 2011


No more finishes to report - actually I have a finish but I haven't taken it's photo yet - but I do have some updates. I started a new quilt. (I know, surprise, surprise.) After moving in to the new house and setting up my sewing room, I was trying to figure out which one of my many unfinished projects to work on. (I had no idea the UNO list was so big!) I asked my mom her thoughts and she gave me some suggestions. Then I asked the Polack and he reminded me that I had promised a baby quilt to our friends who are expecting. And due in AUGUST. Oops, I forgot about that project. So everything else was put on hold. The couple asked for something to match their nursery colors.

I love the colors! I didn't have a particular pattern in mind so I'm doing a square within in a square. My finished blocks are only 4.5 inches so the piecing is taking a while. I'm not sure why I went so small with everything but I know the recipients will love it.

While my in laws were visiting this week, my mother in law laid out all of my beautiful flowers.

Halfway through the year and it's not nearly as big as I hoped. (Isn't that always the case?) She suggested adding the garden rows and the Polack thinks so too. I sent a photo to Christy and she disagrees. She loves the modern look of the flowers all placed next to each other. I'm not sure what I think and I don't have to decide anything right now so I'm going to wait and mull over both ideas.

Pink Chalk Studio is hosting a Wear I Sew feature this month. I don't have photos of my sewing space so I won't be adding to it but I love looking through all the posts to see how my fellow quilters have set up their working area. I'm definitely getting some ideas on purchases that I want to make to complete my room.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week 29

I love my oranges, though I'm not thrilled with them next to the golds. I'm a little meh about this flower but I knew right away that I had to take a photo of it with some tiger lilies, the Polack's favorite flower. We plan to plant tiger lilies in front of our porch to the new house.

Quick memory... Growing up, I lived out in the country. Our three acres had a creek running through the back of it. I used to ride my bike down the road to the bridge that went over the creek. I would play with the rocks under that bridge for hours, playing house or reading a book. Tiger lilies grew wild next to the bridge and I always wondered what kind of flowers they were. I've had an attraction to them ever since.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Unsolved Mystery

We're all moved in to the new house. Finally! This means I have my own sewing room. No more pulling everything out of the closet and putting it back after a few hours. Yay! While my mom I were organizing the room, I found a few quilts that were almost finished, including this one.

This was a Mystery Quilt that I participated in when I was at Camp Tecumseh Quilt Camp in October. I finished the top then, I quilted it at camp in January, and my mom helped me finish the binding this weekend. The original pattern had another row of mountains around the border. I didn't like it as much as I left off the mountains (and made those into another quilt.)

Here's a picture of mom holding the quilt. Hi Momma! My yard is a big dirt pile right now and I didn't have anything pretty outside to display the quilt for a photo. So I just used the front porch which unfortunately makes the photos look darker than they should be. At least you can see mom mom's smiling face.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week 28

My latest One Flower Wednesday post...

What a pretty flower! If I were name it, I'd call it cotton candy. Like last week, this photo was taken in the Arboretum on campus. Have wonderful rest of the week.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Week 27

Here is my recent flower. I took this picture while riding in the car. I was using the pillow as a sort of desk when I realized that the flowers on it were appropriate for my project.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week 26

Week 26 - I'm halfway through the year. Yay for me!

This week's photo was taken at Bryan Park, during Seeger's baseball game.